the shetland haa house

burra, trondra, foula and fair isle


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Central Mainland & Scalloway
South Mainland
West Mainland & Papa Stour
East & North Mainland
Unst & Fetlar
Whalsay, Out Skerries & Bressay


Trondra and Burra

Haa of Houss
2½ storey.
Haa of the Sinclairs of Houss.
Ruinous. Appears to have been a fairly typical tall Haa.


The Haa
18th c.
1½ storey. Small Haa with later (1910) baronial porch. Windows have been altered and enlarged. Foula was part of the estates of Mitchell of Girlsta and Scott of Melby from 1695. The Baronial porch was added by Prof. Ian B. Stoughton Holbourn.

Fair Isle

The Haa
early 18th c.
Two storey. Dumpy with crowstepped gables. Interior panelled? Roof timbers said to be from wrecks.
Built as the factors house by the Stewarts of Brough (Orkney) who acquired Fair Isle in 1766. A fine early Haa, probably more influenced by Orkney traditions than those of Shetland.


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