the shetland haa house

central mainland and scalloway


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South Mainland
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Central Mainland


Laxfirth House
from 18th c.
2 storey, 5 bay. Hipped roof, deep plan. Present house c.1840. Formerly Scott's Hall (Haa) and before this believed to have been called Tait's bod which may have dated from the 17th century. This may have been the older, south facing part of the present house but possibly another building. There used to be a building which stood facing the sea just above the beach which may have originally been the bod. At some time it acted as a chapel to which locals travelled for Sunday service.
(info. Neil Anderson 1996)

South Laxfirth, Tingwall
Now a modern bungalow but formerly occupied by a 'muckle hoose' known as 'Katie Eggar's' from its last inhabitant, Catherine Edgar. The ruin was removed and used as infill when the roads were being repaired/ widened. Possibly not a Haa but just a very large house when compared to the average of the time.
(info. Neil Anderson 1996)

De Haa i Walster, Tingwall
'Katie Eggar's' ,above, is usually spoken of in association with 'De Haa i Walster' now lost to road works as well. It stood last on right going west from Veensgarth before coming to the Tingwall airstrip. Possibly not a Haa but just a very large house when compared to the average of the time.
(info. Neil Anderson 1996)

Swinister, Tingwall
This large house was often called the Haa i Swinister. Demolished a few years age. Possibly not a Haa but just a very large house when compared to the average of the time.
(info. Neil Anderson 1996)

Knockhaa (or Knockhall)
Now only a name but stood between the lochs of Tingwall and Asta. Now only a mark on the ground.
(info. Neil Anderson 1996)

Gott, Tingwall
The present occupier of the house called 'Annslea' thinks the house may have been much bigger in the past. While doing renovation work he realised that the walls were much thicker than the average stone built house and ridiculously so for their height. Could this have been the 'Sinclair' house of the 16/17th century period? The house now called Gott farmhouse is probably only 19th century.
(info. Neil Anderson 1996)

Vatsland, Kebister
Possibly the ruin at Vatsland is of a narrow and substantial building with dressed stone around the windows.
(info. Neil Anderson 1996)

Kergord House
2 storey plus garret, 3 bays. Formely Haa of Flemington. Later additions. When built the house had a tall chimney rising from a decorative pediment over the central first floor window. The house was built using stone from the houses on the cleared land.

Haa of Huxter
19th c.
2 storey plus garret. Laid (horizontal) glazing. Probably a 19th c. improvement farmhouse built after the lands at Weisdale were cleared. Served as an inn c.1860.

Clunies Ross House
late 18th c?
2 storey, 3 bay with flanking offices.

Haa or Böd, South Whiteness
Ruinous walls remain


Old Haa of Scalloway
Three storey, five bay grouped 1/3/1. Stairs to the front are not contemporary but include dressed stones from a former gateway. Armorial panel, commemorating the 1750 marriage of James Scott to Katherine Sinclair heiress of estates in Scalloway and Burra (Houss), over entrance doorway with shouldered architrave. One of Shetlands most impressive Haas from the period when the form reached its most impressive stage. Restored externally in 2003.

Recorded as existing in 1774. The residence of the Mitchells of Westshore. Remains in the walled grounds with old trees.

Haa features can also be seen in other Scalloway Houses


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