the shetland haa house

east and north mainland


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Central Mainland & Scalloway
South Mainland

West Mainland & Papa Stour
Unst & Fetlar
Whalsay, Out Skerries & Bressay
Burra, Trondra, Foula & Fair Isle


East Mainland

The Haa, Catfirth
o.s. ref.

Old Haa of Brough
late 17th c?
No trace remains other than carved stones (skew putt with human head (late 17th c.) and mouldings) incorporated in a ruinous roadside house.
Demolished in the 1830's.

Old Manse, Neap
Prominent ruins on hilltop.

Lunna House
from 1660
Much altered and extended. Parts of the house are clearly of the typical Haa form of two storey and tall garret. Armorial panel, dated 1707, commemorates the marriage of Thomas Hunter and Grizella Bruce. Seat of the Hunter family, Lunna's earliest owner was Robert Hunter Chamberlain of the lordship of Zetland.

North Mainland

Voe House
late 18th c.
2 storey, 5 bay. A lower house little influenced by the Haa form.

Haa of Wethersta also called Midhouse

Brae House
mid 18th c.
2 storey, 3 bay with 1 bay extension. Chimney stacks to gables and between house and addition. Built for the Giffords of Busta possibly on site of earlier booth. Typical Merchants Haa.

Busta House
from 1588,
Complexity of works from different periods.
Much dates from 1714.

Old House of Garth
17th c?
Site of the long vanished house of the Mouats of Garth. An armorial panel from here is in Gardie House (Bressay), its date has been recut unconvincingly as 1579 but is more probably of 1679.

Mossbank Haa
18th c.
2 storey. Much altered but its irregular deepset windows indicate an earlier period.

Erlengen, Mossbank
19th c.
2 storey plus attic, 3 bay
This late house has typical Haa proportions.

Haa of Lunnister also called Midhouse

Hillswick House
late 18th c?
Early 19th c. on earlier foundations.
Single storey with cellar and attic, Venetian doorway. Later dormers. Contemporary gatepiers. Although lower than other Haa buildings the garret is pronounced. Adjacent buildings include the booth which it is said dates from 1684 when a Hamburg merchant Adolf Westerman had a booth here.

Tangwick Haa
17/18th c.?
2 storey. An earlier Haa with irregular deepset windows. Buttresses later. Haa of the Cheynes of Tangwick.
Museum, restored in 1987 by Peter Johnson.

Haa/Böd, Hamnavoe
Ruinous remains at beach.

Ollaberry Haa
2 storey, 3 bays. Typical late Haa. Ashlar porch.
House, restored in 1972 by Richard Moira.

Bardister Haa
19th c.?
Decaying house, unoccupied. Typical late Haa of two storeys, 3 bays wide with associated boathouse and outbuilding.
Being restored as a house, 1996.

Lochend House
18th c.
Large 2 storey house, 5 bays wide, originally with garret. The dominant dormer windows are later. There are chimney stacks at either gable and one between the 2nd and third bay. It is unclear if the Haa was extended at an early date. It is similar in form to the demolished Twageos House in Lerwick.
Built for the Nicolsons.

Haa, Skellister

South Haa, North Roe

North Haa, North Roe
18th c.?
2 storey, 3 bay with shop attached. A typical Merchants Haa. There was previously a pier in front of the house.
House, restored 1996

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