the shetland haa house



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    Brough Brough

Old Haa of Brough
2 storey with attic, crowstepped gables.
Built for Robert Tyrie, his initials and 1782 are on the armorial panel above the round headed courtyard doorway to the south. Early Haa form with irregular deepset windows. Early photographs show the courtyard with gateways and the range of outbuildings now demolished.

2 wings at right angles to each other. One? probably older than the other. One wing 2 storey pitched roof, the other 2 storey with very low pitch felt roof (later or altered?)
Interior walls, floors and roofs collapsed into the interior. The property was obviously a shop, at least latterly, internal partitions are constructed from sides and ends of wooden produce boxes (biscuits and golden syrup). The entrance to the low pitched end has an internal timber bar which could reinforce the door and slid into a socket built into the thickness of the wall.

2 storey
Derelict walls remain.

Haa of Aywick
said to be from 1650
1½ storey, 3 bay. Typical crofthouse with proportions and thick walls which make it look older. Felt roof with flat apex, previously thatched. Later dormers.

2 storey plus attic, 3 bay. Merchants Haa or böd.

Haa of Gardie
2 storey, 3 bay. Later house with no obvious Haa features.
Derelict, tin roof.

from 1645
Basement, main floor and garret with deepset windows. An earlier Haa with irregular fenestration.

Haa of Udhouse, Basta
o.s. ref.

Haa of Dalsetter
Derelict house

Haa of Sandwick
o.s. ref.
(south of Gutcher)

Ferncliff, Gutcher
House above Gutcher Pier.Two storey with bipartate windows.

Haa of Houlland
Built by James Spence of Houlland in 1745 as a three storey house. Brian Smith mentioned reference to document referring to room on the middle floor.
Roof much altered, now a low piended form with felt finish, gables lost, as the house was said to be 'splitting in twa'.

Midbrake Haa
2 storey, 3 bay. Typical Haa with notable rubbly porch.
Roof and windows altered to form an agricultural store.

Gloup Haa
18th c.
2 storey, 3 bay. A small Haa.

Haa of Graveland,
Herra o.s. ref.

North Haa, West Sandwick
18th c.2 storey with garret. 17th c. Haa remodelled 1829. Front block added c.1770. Classical frontage of tripartate windows flanking a central, round headed window on the principal, first, floor. Pedimented porch and side office wings, the latter with venetian windows. The four smaller windows on the ground floor indicate that this was probably a five bay wide Haa before the remodelling. Despite later fenestration the house has a tall Haa form with dominant garret.

      North Haa